Chatroom Rules
Basically do as u like, BUT:
  • DON'T TROLL - Do not troll users in the chatroom. Trolling would be anything that is done with malicious intent to insult or offend another user, or to disrupt the chat and/or its environment. U will be banned immediately, regardless of whether it is light or serious trolling.
  • RESPECT OTHERS - all users, do not be rude or cruel in any way. Any sort of discrimination will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, racism, sexism, homophobic comments, and any other discriminatory attack.
  • DO NOT SPAM THE CRAP OUT OF THE BOX - Do not spam, flood, or advertise in the chatbox.
  • NO SEXUAL TALK - All discussion regarding sex is prohibited. Do not engage in any sexual discussion or acts in chat. Just as a warning - it's not safe to date... so best not do it, ok? See here!
  • DONT ADVERTISE OR POST LINKS TO UNSAFE SITES - All moderators have the right to deem any link unfitting for the chat.
  • NO MINIMODDING - Do not act like a moderator if you are not a moderator.
  • DONT SHARE PERSONAL INFO - Do not share personal information such as phone numbers, last names, or addresses in chat. You never know who is on the other side of the screen, it could be an online predator. If necessary you may share information via the PM system on FWG Forums.
  • NO SWEAR NAMES OR IMPERSONATING USERS - Usernames should not be swear words or filter-dodged swear words or impersonate other users, contain sexual references, be obnoxious, or insulting in any way.


  • Disputes - Moderators reserve the right to ask you to stop discussing any topic that they consider inappropriate for the chat, this includes moderator decisions.
  • Moderator Authority - Moderators have complete discretion to punish any behavior they deem inappropriate, whether or not it's on this list. If you disagree with a moderator ruling, appeal to a Community Manager.

  • Complaints or problems Contact a community manager directly - you will need an FWG forum account to send any personal messages to a manager.

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