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Pow Pow's Great Adventure

Pow Pow's Great Adventure is great 3D adventure game fun.

Guide Pow Pow past all the baddies to the end of each level with Pow Pow's Great Adventure.

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Play the free levels offline any time you want in fullscreen!

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6 massive worlds with 30 stages.
Bonus levels and giant boss levels!
Instant download.
Play offline in fullscreen.
Many hours of great fun.
60-day money-back guarantee.

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All 30 levels
Instant Download
Not In Stores

Left/Right keys - Move left / right
Up Key - Jump
P Key - Check cell phone (when ringing). Use arrow keys to manipulate cell phone menus.
Esc Key - Close cell phone
Mouse Click and use to look around

Reach the end goal on each level. Pick up all the coins.

Do not touch the baddies or you lose a life. Jump on the baddies to destroy them. Once all lives are goen the game ends.

Tips & Tricks

Move slowly. Watch around corners for baddies.

Use mouse view. Use the mouse to look further ahead where you are going.

How to beat bonus levels. Head forward and do not stop moving. Jump forward to get ahead of the falling bricks.

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