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See how far you can launch the girl/boy in this cool game. As the person flys through the air he/she will hit people on the ground - these people will boost, slow or stop the flight.

Getting your launch right is very important (see controls below) to maximise the launch distance.

Not sure if my Japanese is up to scratch*, but here are some things that will help boost the distance you fly.

Special box
As you fly through the air you can boost your flight by clicking on a girl in the "Special" box area (good idea when you're losing speed and close to stopping.

You can get an even bigger boost by clicking on it when the game tells you to do it and doing combination clicks... sorry - not too sure what they are.

Aerial arrows
You can increase your flying speed by clicking on the upward or downward facing arrows below the text "Aerial".
- When the word "Aerial" is red, you can hit the red upward facing arrow. You only have three boosts, so don't waste them.
- When the word "Aerial" is blue, you can hit the blue downwards facing arrow. Not too sure how this one helps.


- Use your mouse and left mouse button.
- To launch, click and hold down the left mouse button in the "Angle" zone to set angle.
- Release mouse button when the power level is as high as possible (will fluctuate, so time the release well).

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*fine fine... I don't read Japanese at all - look at the pictures and figure it out for yourself.

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