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Objective |


Help Top Secret Kid defeat the evil Minataur Corporation in TSK2 - Trapped In Time.

Jump TSK2 from platform to platform. You have a set time limit to complete each level. Read the instructions in the game for more details.
Mouse Position cursor within launch grid to select what direction and how hard to jump. Mouse Button Initiate jump. Press and hold while during jump to burn boosters. Spacebar Press during jump to activate retro burn and stop in mid air.

Tips & Tricks

Pickup time bonuses - Be sure to pickup all available time bonuses and mystery items. The time bonuses are extremely necessary to complete some levels.

Learn Jumps and use tracer sparingly - Learn to guess your jumps ahead of time with a minimum number of failures. Only user the tracer if needed.

Use Retro Burn as needed - Use the retro burn (spacebar) when over a platform to avoid over shooting. Remember you have a limited supply of retro fuel so use it sparingly.

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