Universal War: The Lost Civilization (Uniwar from here on)


1.) System Requirements
~Flash 8 Tech demo version
2.) Game Play
3.) Issues, and Q&A
4.) Console Information
5.) Legal Statements
6.) Credits and Plugs

System Requirements
Uniwar is a CPU hog and requires that you have a CPU that can handle it, because flash isn't exactly the most CPU friendly system, it is recommended that you close as many programs you have running, programs such as media players and web browsers take up allot of system resources and can bog down the game.

For all settings we recommend that you use 16-bit or 32-bit color with at least a resolution of 800x600 (unless you plan to run in full screen which will run just fine in 640x480) and enough memory for the game to start :-)

Setting: Cheesy
Intel Pentium 2 CPU with 450 MHz or AMD K6 models at 500 MHz

Setting: Cool
Intel Pentium 3 CPU with 600 MHz or AMD Athlon at 733 MHz

Setting: Ballistics
Intel Pentium 4 CPU with 1.5 GHz or AMD Clone at about 1.8 GHz

With all this said, unless you want 2 Frame per Second gameplay please follow the chart, also people running 3ghz CPUs shouldn't need to worry about this and worry more about Anti-Aliasing settings

Uniwar was built on low quality and we recommend staying on it, although you will have improved visuals, the game is built to be played with low and will look similar, in most cases the visuals gained aren't worth the major slow downs.

Cut scenes don't run as slow as the game.

~~~~The Special Flash 8 version may severely alter the system requirements in order to play the game, although their are a great number of optimizations many new effects are used to improve the look of the game and cut down file size. Additions include overuse (I'll admit that :D) of the new Flash 8 blending options and filter modes, reprogrammed engine with Flash 8 optimizations, and is 100% incompatible with older versions of Flash.

Game play
When you first start up the game you will be given allot of settings if you use the options menu such as the effects setting which will greatly effect the speed of the game, and generally how cool it looks, the console(console information in section 5) is also a major part of this.

While in the game, you will have many things to work with such as your shields, your hull, your ship laser, and of course ....enemies :-)

In most cases the pre-charged laser will do, but if there are a lot of enemies to deal with, an easy way to clear them is to charge up your laser, depending on how long you hold it for you will get a much more deadly blast. While charging you will see the laser status bar change color and increase in size.

The most important part of staying alive is your hull, keep this from getting damaged, your shield is an excellent feature that allows you to take in 1 hit per second without getting harmed, but don't rely on it all the time.

The shield absorbs minor hits to your ship, but it can't take constant blasts 1 after the other. With every hit it should take a second to recharge, if you don't watch your shield, you'll have a defenseless hull just waiting to get hit.

Issues, and Q&A
As of now, uniwar is still kinda in the beta stages, but is very playable, please read this FAQ, it may help you.

Q. Where can I find more infomation on Uniwar?
A. Goto http://www.uniwar.net/

Q. What programs did you use for making Uniwar?
A. Flash MX, Photoshop, Bryce, and Sound Forge

Q. The game runs slow, even though I meet the requirements?
A. Close some unused programs, make sure the quality is set to low, and if worse comes to worse, email me and I'll send you an EXE of the game which will run faster.

Q. The game is too hard, do you have any tips?
A. All damage is based on how close you are to the enemy, when you know they're about to shoot, move away and they will miss, with the boss, try and avoid the missles or charge your beam up and blast them all away.

Q. Theres a bug in the game, what do I do?
A. Please email aml51z@gmail.com with as much infomation as possible. (DO NOT MESSAGE FREEWORLDGROUP)

Q. It's not working!!!
A. Install Flash 8.

Q. When will level 2 come out?
A. It won't, this version of Uniwar has been scrapped, expect more next year that blows this away.

A. Alex: Only if Elvis can be the best man.
A. Brian: y'all get in the truck, we're going to the drivein chapel.


Console Information
Uniwar is one of the first games (if not the FIRST!!) to have a functioning console.

To access it, press the ~ button, it should be right next to the 1 key on the left.
When you see it click the text box at the bottom of it and you will be able to type a commend

~~Command list~~

Input: Nothing
Output: No variables in use
No values can be set
Objects not found
Or unknown command.

Input: HELP
Output: editable:
effects = <value>
quality = <value>
filtering = <value>
default (resets graphic settings)
Action: Nothing

Input: help
Output: The action `HELP` is case-Sensitive
Action: Nothing

Input: effects = cheesy
Output: Special Effects Quality changed to 'cheesy'
Action: Turn's most special effects off for slower computers.

Input: effects = cool
Output: Special Effects Quality changed to 'cool'
Action: Turn's some special effects off for fast computer computers.

Input: effects = ballistics
Output: Special Effects Quality changed to 'ballistics'
Action: Turn's all special effects on for cutting edge computers.

Input: quality = low
Output: Quality is now set to `LOW`
Action: Set's anti-aliasing to 1x1 (none)

Input: quality = medium
Output: Quality is now set to `MEDIUM`
Action: Set's anti-aliasing to 1x2

Input: quality = high
Output: Quality is now set to `HIGH`
Action: Set's anti-aliasing to 2x2

Input: filtering = on (or filtering = 1)
Output: Bitmap Filtering is ON
Action: Adds filtering to Bitmaps

Input: filtering = on (or filtering = 1)
Output: Bitmap Filtering is already ON
Action: Nothing if already on

Input: reset
Output: N/A
Action: Resets game and variables.

Input: default
Output: Settings have been restored
Action: Sets all graphical settings to default, hides cursor.

Input: clear
Output: consol cleared
Action: Clears the console

The console will also be a place where you can type in cheat codes :)
Want to know the cheats? Tough luck.

Legal Statements
Uniwar (Universal war: The lost Civilization) is a Flash project created by Alex Lefkowitz and Brian Fox and we take all legal responsibility in the actions of creating this game.

By reading this file or playing the game you agree not to disassemble, decompile, or in any case extract any data or use the files in a way not intended by Alex Lefkowitz or Brian Fox.

If you wish you add this game to your site, please do so based on the legal requirements clearly stated by FreeWorldGroup.

Credits and Plugs
Created by Alex Lefkowitz and Brian Fox
3d art created by Brian Fox
Programmed by Alex Lefkowitz
Music by Paul Orchenfield (Swordfish)
Sounds from games, or created/modified by Alex Lefkowitz
Special effects and Animation by Alex Lefkowitz.

~~Contact us~~
Alex Lefkowitz: aml51z@gmail.com
Brian Fox: doomhammr@aol.com