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Controls | Big Screen Version
In Bump Copter 2 you fly across the level to reach the flag while avoiding being hit. Each hit damages your life bar. Once your life bar reaches zero your copter explodes an you must retry the level.

Only a few levels will shooting have an effect. Use it to shoot little triggers or to clear hallways.

During endurance mode you must last the listed amount of time.

Try to beat all 30 levels and get on the high score list.

Tips & Tricks

Be patient - Watch the pattern of movement and wait to move until you can get past.

Cave endurance mode - keep as far down at the bottom of the screen as possible so you have more room to maneuver.

Missile endurance mode - move in a large circle to keep the missile following behind you.

Arrow Keys Fly left / right / up / down

Spacebar Shoot (only when needed)

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