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A Christmas Quest

Yep, it had to happen, the North Pole cloning facility has had a little mishap. During the usual cloning process of elves (u know the little guys Santa forces to make the toys for humans every year) something got all messed up and Santa himself was cloned. Unfortunately for Xmas and the children of the world, this Santa clone came with an evil gene spliced within his genetic make-up. So now we arrive at the problem faced within this game. The evil Santa is threatening to destroy Christmas, once and for all.

Nothing would make the evil Santa more happy than to see all the kids of the world miserable on the 25th of December. It is your task to stop this from happening. Buy weapons and improve your fighting skills in order to defeat evil Santa.

This is mini RPG game that comes with several weapons, armor, 3 upgradeable player stats, played over the course of 10 battles and finally a boss fight. Whenever you level up, you acquire skill points, which can then be used to improve ur attack, defense or health. Also, if u win a battle or two, u get gold coins - use them to buy whatever weapons or armor u wish to use - choose wisely if u want to live. Remember, the cloned Santa is pure evil... he may look jolly, but this dude will rip ur jolly head off.

May you save Xmas, for all our sakes! KILL EVIL SANTA!


- Special attacks swing 2x as long as normal attacks
- Each swing there's a 1/5 chance of missing
- Each hit, there's a 1/10 chance of it being a critical hit
- Critical hits do 2x as much damage
- Once you reach level 10, potions are free
- When fighting the boss, make sure you have 10 potions

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Updated: December 13, 2014 11:44 AM

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