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Adventure and Platform Games!

Updated: April 14, 2014 12:37 PM

Fishy Waters

Fishy Waters Catch fish, sell 'em and upgrade your boat to explore new seas

Edgar's Dream

Edgar's Dream Find keys to unlock the chains that bind you to this world.


Spiderling Make your way through the caves and escape the war!

Nunchuck Charlie

Nunchuck Charlie Embark on a journey to rescue Mr.Teddington

Pillow City

Pillow City What should be a normal day at the office becomes a zombie invasion!

Harmony of Elements

Harmony of Elements Puzzle platformer about Fire, Wind and Earth elementals

Terra Rising

Terra Rising Embark on thousands of quests in a world rich in history and lore!

A Dark Room

A Dark Room It's a minimalist text adventure.

Warfare Game

Warfare Game It's a war-themed strategy/ RPG/ simulation web game!

Labyrinth- SoS

Labyrinth- SoS Defeat the dark forces of evil that lurk within the Labyrinths!

Once Upon a Life

Once Upon a Life Harry ventures out in search of one last adventure.

Jumpy Kat

Jumpy Kat Jumpy Kat will give u anxiety attacks.

Block Story

Block Story Explore the minecrafty world, complete the quests, try not to die! Unity3D

Hands of War 3

Hands of War 3 Restore the power of the Heartstone.

Pokemon Battle

Pokemon Battle Battle it out against fellow pokefreaks!

Don't Push the Button

Don't Push the Button Yep, you know what to do!

This is the Only Level 3

This is the Only Level 3 Switch the switch! Poop some pastries! And think outside the box!

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Seven Days Without Rain

Seven Days Without Rain A haunting game tracing the life and death of a hero.

Night Lights After Dark

Night Lights After Dark Help the cute creature make his way home.

The Last Ninja From Another Planet

The Last Ninja From Another Planet Go back in time and stop the mutants

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online Boldly go in this expanding vast universe.

Loot Heroes

Loot Heroes Make ur way thru the dungeons of hell and get tons of loot!

A Ghostly Journey

A Ghostly Journey Possess the living, solve puzzles and avoid ghost hunters!

Submachine 9

Submachine 9 Explore the temple and the secrets hidden within it’s ancient walls.

Dino Shift 2

Dino Shift 2 Murphy the color shifting dino is back for more puzzle platform fun!

Pokemon S.T.A.R. Version

Pokemon S.T.A.R Version Pokémon re-imagined as an Action RPG

Pretentious Game 4

Pretentious Game 4 The love between a brother and sister is never fading


Gravitum Flip science on its dumb ol' smart head

Grand Voyage

Grand Voyage An mmorpg in the European age of sail and discovery


Disposabot Try to get through Dr. Nemesis' weapons-testing facility!

Crystal Story II

Crystal Story II Go on a quest to defeat the evil witch

League of Angels

League of Angels A browser based MMORPG featuring fast turn-based combat.

Stealing the Diamond

Stealing the Diamond Awesome sequel to Escaping the Prison - can u succeed?!

Every Day the Same Dream

Every Day the Same Dream A story of alienation and refusal of labor!

Dark Orbit

Dark Orbit Explore the infinite expanses of outer space!


RaggaMuffin Spend your days helping everyone!

Shape Shifter

Shape Shifter Shift your way through the levels.

Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom Protect your world from forces that would see it destroyed

Awesome Mushroom Hunter

Awesome Mushroom Hunter What an awesome day for mushroom hunting

Submachine - Ancient Adventure

Submachine - Ancient Adventure A small adventure in the submachine series


Telepoultry Help Bawk Bawk become the farmers meal!

Black Bit Ninja

Black Bit Ninja Master the art of assassination


Meowra Help Meowra save the little kitty kat!

Tainted Olive- Chapter 1

Tainted Olive- Chapter 1 You are Silvian, an adventurer down on his luck.

The Last Door - Chapter 3

The Last Door - Chapter 3 Wander the streets of Old Nichol, in search for answers

Achievement Unlocked 3

Achievement Unlocked 3 A bonkers platformer that involves candy!

Mummy Busters

Mummy Busters Hmmm... kill all the mummies!


Lif You are wild, you are alive! Unity 3D

100% Complete

100% Complete Find the door to win the game!

Maximum Frustration

Maximum Frustration How far will you get before smashing your screen and keyboard!


100th A short but deep puzzle platformer in a retro world!

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