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RPG and Platform Games!

Updated: October 4, 2015 7:04 AM

Broadly speaking, a role-playing game, also known as an adventure or platform game, is a game (frequently a video game) where the gamer controls a character and goes on a quest. However, that quest can be anything from the epic to the domestic. We have a wide spectrum of adventures for you to choose from. Browse our vast collection of adventure games today to find the one that’s right for you! You can indulge in a quest to find zombie love (I Saw Her Across the World) or to win a snowman making contest (Snowday). Jump into the world of your choice and lose yourself to the quest.

Serious Dave

Serious Dave Stop Hell Bunny from mashing up the babies!

Loot Heroes 2

Loot Heroes 2 Kill all 10 of the Lords of Hell... and try not to die doing it.

Cube Escape - The Mill

Cube Escape - The Mill U find urself in a strange mill... try to escape before u starve.

My Adventure Book 2

My Adventure Book 2 Try to find a way back to ur world and ur home.

Tainted Olive Chapter 2

Tainted Olive Chapter 2 It's a dangerous world out there, will u survive?

The Awakening RPG

The Awakening RPG With no memory of who u are, u embark on an adventure

Jumpy Kat

Jumpy Kat Jumpy Kat will give u anxiety attacks.

Hands of War 3

Hands of War 3 Restore the power of the Heartstone.

Pokemon Battle

Pokemon Battle Battle it out against fellow pokefreaks!

Don't Push the Button

Don't Push the Button Yep, you know what to do!

Joey Quest

Joey Quest Go on a journey in the pixelated unknown.

Call of Sword

Call of Sword Leap around and try to get to the level end!

The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai Ninja ur way thru all the emperors men and collect the sacred scrolls.

Escape the Game

Escape the Game Help Ron escape the crappy point and click game.

Feed Me

Feed Me Fred, the carnivorous plant, needs help getting from here the there!


Lif You are wild, you are alive!

Eyes the Horror Game

Eyes the Horror Game Move around the creepy house... in the dark... dont die

Crystal Story II

Crystal Story II Go on a quest to defeat the evil witch

Stealing the Diamond

Stealing the Diamond Awesome sequel to Escaping the Prison - can u succeed?!

Every Day the Same Dream

Every Day the Same Dream A story of alienation and refusal of labor!

That Red Button

That Red Button Help Little Bot become a... Big Bot!

Defeat All Orcs

Defeat All Orcs Save ur world from the Orcish invasion.

Monster Frontier

Monster Fontier Take ur enslaved monsters and conquer worlds!

Let's Journey

Let's Journey Idle ur way through a lot of monsters

Kill the Plumber 2

Kill the Plumber 2 Do away with the pain in the butt plumber once and for all.

Organ Trail

Organ Trail Make your way through this very retro, post-apocalyptic text adventure game!

The Deepest Sleep

The Deepest Sleep Danger lurks behind every corner... will u survive?

100% Complete

100% Complete Find the door to win the game!

Maximum Frustration

Maximum Frustration How far will you get before smashing your screen and keyboard!


100th A short but deep puzzle platformer in a retro world!
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