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Sadly, FLASH no longer functions in browsers. ADOBE ended support in December 2020, and will not allow it to function as of 12 January 2021. Desktop environments are doing their best to block it as well. Argh!

end of flash

We are actively trying to get the games to continue to work with RUFFLE. It seems to work relatively well by emulating older FLASH games. However, many newer FLASH games will not be functioning for some time, as it will take time for RUFFLE to rework AS3 FLASH.

Many of our classic games still work fine, including Bowman, Political Duel and The Battle! phew!

Hopefully in time all games will be playable again. The upside of this is that the games that now function through RUFFLE can also be played on mobile phone - bonus!

If you can, please offer SUPPORT to RUFFLE, either financially or techically. The work involved is not easy.

Many newer games added to FWG use HTML5, so the end of FLASH is not an issue. However, the vast majority (1000s) of games are FLASH. Please stay with us, and enjoy the games that still work.

Please message us under a game if it does not work! Thanks, FWG...

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