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Quick, Kids, and Skill Games

Updated: February 8, 2016 5:50 AM
Time is important to you. You don't have time to play long drawn-out games; you want a quick fix, that five minute break, an instants relief from reality. These quick games are what you need and they need you too. Playing these games does not take a great deal of time and if need be, you can leave them mid-game and come back later to play some more. In the mix of these quick games you will find more simple kid-friendly games such as Toastache, or insane small games like Screamin Beans, to games that require skill (Crazy Box or Flappy Bird). All these quick games will entertain for as long as you need it. Play them and see how fast you can have fun today!

Confused Travolta Clicker Extreme

Confused Travolta Clicker Extreme He's confused and its time to confuse him more

Presidents vs Terrorists

Presidents vs Terrorists Kick their butts and eliminate the terrorists the distance way.

Bubble Hamsters

Bubble Hamsters Shoot bubbles match 3 the hamster way!


Bloodungeon How many times will u die before u win the race??

Trouble in Space

Trouble in Space Survive in space, survive on land, survive if u can.


TU-46 Probably the hardest game ever made, can u do it?

Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution

Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution Over time all things must evolve, even robot unicorns.

Potty Racers 4

Potty Racers 4 World Tour The toilet is back, how far can you take it?!

Interactive Buddy 2

Interactive Buddy 2 We all need a buddy like this!

Dummy Never Fails Community

Dummy Never Fails Community It's time to smash the dummy again!

Growing Ties

Growing Ties Grow ties of the right length for ur customers!

Gold Mine

Gold Mine Throw ur pickaxe and get some gold!

Reach the Core

Reach the Core Get the energy u need from the planets core!

Street Fever City Adventure

Street Fever City Adventure Save the city by managing the traffic lights.

Impossible Horse

Impossible Horse It's a throw ur computer out the window in anger game.

Mine Trip

Mine Trip Go down a mine at blistering speeds, avoiding things and grabbing things!

Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker cookie... coookieeee... COOOKIEEEEEEE!

Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal

Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Enter a world of darkness

Super Hero Creator

Super Hero Creator Create the ultimate super hero, endless possibilities!


Toastache Help Mr Toastache on his bouncy journey!

Blacksmith Lab

Blacksmith Lab Be the best idling blacksmith evah!

Bubble Charms

Bubble Charms Use the power of the bubble to eliminate all the enemy bubbles.

Flying School

Flying School Help the birds fly from nest to nest in this skill game.

Crush the Tower

Crush the Tower Smash down the tower and save the princess!


Highwayman A fast clicking thieving idle game!

Screamin Beans

Screamin Beans A game about beans.

20 Seconds to Die

20 Seconds to Die Pick from a range of gruesome deaths for Mr Stick.

Retro Unicorn Attack

Retro Unicorn Attack Dash, double-jump and dimension-hop your way through three wishes

Button Masher Idle

Button Masher Idle Mash your keys and let the game do the rest!

60 Second Life

60 Second Life Live you life in 60 seconds - what choices will you make?!
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