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Puzzle Games

Updated: November 17, 2017 10:37 AM
Prepare yourself for the most puzzling games in the universe. These puzzle games, developed by the most fantastical developers, including ourselves, will keep you entertained for hours or more. Play cute puzzlers like Jellydad Hero or play brain-benders, like Doodle God. These games, like everything on the site are all free! Are you puzzled about the universe, then look no further than the game, Scale of the Universe. Do you like figuring out engineering problems, then Cargo Bridge is your game. Try one or try all the games, there is no time like the present.


Boo! It's pumpkin decorating time!

Song for a Bird

Song for a Bird A game about a lonely bird.

Slice Fractions Experiemental

Slice Fractions Experimental Phuzzle the elephant to freedom!

Hivex Remaster

Hivex Remaster Strain ur brain if u can!

String Theory 2 Game

String Theory 2 Game Phuzzle ur way out of the second dimenstion!


Sokoban Help the Mario dude shift crates and solve puzzles in this classic

Sailor Pop

Sailor Pop Match 3 ur way through this epic underwater adventure!

Scale of the Universe 2

Scale of the Universe 2 The awesomeness of this will make you feel very small or very big!

I have 1 Day

I Have 1 Day U a day to solve the mystery, and save the kingdom from utter destruction!

Dominofall 2

Dominofall 2 blast the superstar dominoes in this phuzzler!

Doodle Devil

Doodle Devil Destroy the universe and undo the Doodle God's work!

Maze Dog

Maze Dog You're a cute chubby dog in a retro maze world.


Pixoji Thinking caps on for this interesting puzzler!

Plant Evolution

Plant Evolution Evolve your vegetables like a champion!

Onet Connect Classic

Onet Connect Classic Connect the same images mahjong style!

Slide Knight

Slide Knight Slide your way through a dungeon and try not to die.

Puzzle Blocks Ancient

Puzzle Blocks Ancient Solve the ancient mysteries by arranging the stone blocks!

Magic Jewels

Magic Jewels Help run a magic show the Match-3 way!

Jewels Mania

Jewels Mania Match 3 like there is no tomorrow!

Shape Fold

Shape Fold Fold connected structures into simple shapes in this phuzzler!

Domino Frenzy

Domino Frenzy 2 Create huge domino chains and solve tricky puzzles!

One Chance

One Chance U only have one chance to save the world, what will u do?!

Fruit Crush Frenzy

Fruit Crush Frenzy Crush some fruit in this addictive match 3 game...

Switch or Not?

Switch or Not? A logic game about computer circuits.

Bump Bump Bump

Bump Bump Bump Phuzzle through this phuzzling bouncy phuzzler.

Momo Pop

Momo Pop Pop the animals in this cute match-3 game!

Doctor Acorn 2

Doctor Acorn 2 Phuzzle ur way through the edutainment game!

Math Smashers

Math Smashers Smash the right numbers together in quick thinking math game!


Ducks! The ducks need ur puzzle solving skills now!


Terrartisan Terraform cute little retro planets!

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Master Like Humpty Dumpty, u put the pictures together again!

Bread Pit

Bread Pit It's time to make him toast!!

Stealth Hunter 2

Stealth Hunter 2 Break into a secret facility and eliminate any threats!
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