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Puzzle Games

Updated: August 30, 2014 7:33 AM

Sweep Miner

Sweep Miner Rescue the kid in the mine and get to the exit alive!

Harvest Honors

Harvest Honors A multiplayer match-3 game that comes with a moo!

Snail Bob 7

Snail Bob 7 Help him go thru a dangerous castle and defeat a dragon!

Unsuper Heroes Parodies

Unsuper Heroes Parodies Solve the simple puzzles and look at the art!

Trollface Quest 5

Trollface Quest 5 It's world cup time, and so it is for Trollface too!

Drawfender Level Pack

Drawfender Level Pack Draw blocks to stop the assassins bullets from getting through

Movie Stars Parodies

Movie Stars Parodies How good is ur movie star knowledge?

Color Joy 2

Color Joy 2 The colorful blocky creatures need your help!

Puzzle Legends

Puzzle Legends Find the best way to get to the switch and exit the door

Level Editor 3

Level Editor 3 This little stickman punches in above his wimpy weight.

Famous Paintings Parodies 4

Famous Paintings Parodies 4 Figure out which classic painting you're looking at!

Hungry Little Bear

Hungry Little Bear He's little and he's hungry. Time to feed him!

Amigo Pancho 4

Amigo Pancho 4 Help him get to the highest places on Earth!

Fractured 2

Fractured 2 Help a lost girl find her daddy.

Escape 7: The Office

Escape 7: The Office OMG how will u get out of this one?

Save the Dummy Level Pack 2

Save the Dummy Level Pack 2 OMG OMG, u MUST save the dummy!

Scale of the Universe 2

Scale of the Universe 2 The awesomeness of this will make you feel very small or very big!

I have 1 Day

I Have 1 Day U a day to solve the mystery, and save the kingdom from utter destruction!

Dominofall 2

Dominofall 2 blast the superstar dominoes in this phuzzler!

Doodle Devil

Doodle Devil Destroy the universe and undo the Doodle God's work!

A-B .. C-E .. F-J .. K-Q .. R-S .. T-Z

Jellydad Hero

Jellydad Hero Jiggle your way through the levels in a very jiggly manner.


Crystical A mystical multiplayer match three game!

Invert Selection

Invert Selection It's brain time again!

Monkey Go Happy Sci Fi 2

Monkey Go Happy Sci Fi 2 Help the monkey in space... before it's too late!

Squid Skid

Squid Skid Slide boxes across the boat to rescue the squid!

Liquid Measure Crystal Water Pack

Liquid Measure Crystal Water Pack It's plumbing time!


Piksels A puzzle game with a 32x32 resolution

Wheely 3

Wheely 3 Help Wheely get a new wheel for his chick, Jolie.

Where is My Beard

Where is My Beard? Help everyone grow a beard!

Cover Orange: Journey Pirates

Cover Orange: Journey Pirates Protect ur Pirate oranges from the acid rain.

Together Alone

Together Alone Control 2 characters with unique abilities to solve puzzles.

Cover Color Game

Cover Color Game A relaxing shape matching game!

Where's Derpy? 3

Where's Derpy? 3 Will Derpy find her true love?


OFFS3T Correct the glitches in the images

The Right Way

The Right Way Help the robot get to the exit in each and every level.

Magic Figures

Magic Figures Will u help the sorcerer to put all figures in place?

Shape Fold

Shape Fold Fold connected structures into simple shapes in this phuzzler!

Cargo Bridge 2

Cargo Bridge 2 Yep, it's time to build another bridge!

Domino Frenzy

Domino Frenzy 2 Create huge domino chains and solve tricky puzzles!

One Chance

One Chance U only have one chance to save the world, what will u do?!


Sevenventure Add up numbers to make lucky number 7 faster than ur opponent

Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine Skill-puzzle match three mulitplayer game!

Inner Demon

Inner Demon Search for humans, possess their bodies and deliver to the underworld

Famous Sculptures Parody

Famous Sculptures Parody Name the funny sculptures, can u do it?


Drmzzz Short and sweet puzzling fun.

Gift Rush 2

Gift Rush 2 Phuzzle your way through this.

Cat Around Africa

Cat Around Africa Phuzzle ur way around Africa!

Galactic Gems 2

Galactic Gems 2 It’s gem matching madness!

Circus Level Pack

Circus Level Pack An exciting career under the big top could be the death of u...

Puzzling Rush

Puzzling Rush Fight the evil and win - itsa RPG Puzzler!

Keep An Eye

Keep An Eye Help strange creatures bring the eye to a mysterious customer

Famous Paintings Parodies 3

Famous Paintings Parodies 3 Test your classical art knowledge here!


Swapster Time to eliminate the nasty monsters, one by one!

Amateur Surgeon 2

Amateur Surgeon 2 Use normal household items to perform complex operations!

So Delicious Hidden Objects

So Delicious Hidden Objects Find the tasty food hidden on the table of tasty food!


Orbitalis A game about defying gravity.

Where Is My Water

Where Is My Water Help Swampy by guiding water to his shower!

Blobular Mobile

Blobular Mobile Mobile version of the most blobby game in the universe!


DomiHammi Help Hammi escape from Domino Land!

Stealth Hunter 2

Stealth Hunter 2 Break into a secret facility and eliminate any threats!

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