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Online Brain Teaser Games

Updated: April 9, 2015 12:45 PM
The human brain is a marvelous thing indeed. It feeds off challenges, it lives for problem solving, it needs brain-teasers to get the juices rushing! Playing these brain-teasers will certainly feed your brain. Difficulty levels vary from game to game, but rest assured, there is a game that suits your brains needs, be it via insanely difficult games such as The Impossible Quiz, or easier, more relaxed games like Simple Squares. You will find what you are looking for here. Free your brain, feed your brain, and let loose the juices as you play some of the best games in the universe!

Glow Path

Glow Path Complete the circuit by connecting the power source to the endpoint!

Nerdy Dwarf

Nerdy Dwarf Help the dwarf win a bet and get him out of the underground maze

Piggy in the Puddle 2

Piggy in the Puddle 2 Help stink up Mr Oink so he turns up smelling just right for his date tonight!

Crash Boom Bank

Crash Boom Bank Rob banks, rob lots of banks, and then build an amusement park!


Eien Where are you? What are you doing in this place? Solve the puzzles...


Tinyverse Enter another verse, a tinyverse and play god with planets.

Simple Squares

Simple Squares Use your brain and move the squares.

Killer Escape 3

Killer Escape 3 Get out and find out who u r...

Reincarnation: LEET

Reincarnation: LEET Find the neglect gamer's evil deed and send him back to hell

The Impossible Quiz 2

The Impossible Quiz 2 Are your brain cells ready for this?

Calculate Genius

Calculate Genius A game about guestimating answers!

Escape Plan Museum

Escape Plan Museum Yep u did it again, got ur-self stuck in a public place... get out...

Untangle 1.5

Untangle 1.5 Untangle the hyperdrive freeways between the stars!


Inkanians Solve puzzles, and help the petrified thieves escape the cave.

Album Cover Parodies

Album Cover Parodies How fantastical is ur musical general knowledge?


Slydrs Get the juice flowing again and activate the buttons with the bots!

Sum Tracks

Sum Tracks No this is not 2048, it's different and actually harder!


Colorize Use some thought to fill the screen with beautiful colors.

Quantum of Light

Quantum of Light Guide the Photon flows towards the target Crystal

10 Game

10 Game Make lots of 10s... sounds easy... u will be surprised.

40x Escape

40x Escape Thinking caps on, clicking fingers ready, try to get out... 40 times!

Catastrophe Escape

Catastrophe Escape Get the hell out of the town before the tornado hits!


Shifter Help Bob the blob get to the party in time!

Little Light

Little Light Travel through space, time and reality, the brain teaser way!

Super Cut-It

Super Cut-It Slice and dice using brain power.

Transmission Game

Transmission Game Set up communication networks in this brain bending game

Shape Fold 2

Shape Fold 2 Twist and bend the puzzle pieces into the right spots!

Scale of the Universe

Scale of the Universe Not really a game, but very very interesting!

Giraffe Above

Giraffe Above
Eat all the apples and solve the puzzles!


Puzzle Freak

Puzzle Freak
Can you be the Puzzle Freak?!


Connect-It Fast paced mah jongg style puzzler!
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