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Online Brain Teaser Games

Updated: August 16, 2014 2:01 PM

Simple Squares

Simple Squares Use your brain and move the squares.

Killer Escape 3

Killer Escape 3 Get out and find out who u r...

Reincarnation: LEET

Reincarnation: LEET Find the neglect gamer's evil deed and send him back to hell


Concentricholic A deceptively simply brain teaser

The Impossible Quiz 2

The Impossible Quiz 2 Are your brain cells ready for this?

Piggy in the Puddle

Piggy in the Puddle Help the cute piggy take a mudbath!

A Tale of Two Yetis

A Tale of Two Yetis It was the best of yetis, it was the worst of yetis. OK, it's an escaper!


Dynetzzle How good is ur spatial thinking?

Backyard Escape

Backyard Escape eeeek eeeeek, will u ever get out of the backyard?

Cut It

Cut It Bring a planet to life in this relaxing Physics Puzzle.

Physics Symmetry

Physics Symmetry 3 Can u achieve the symmetry required?


Huantar Use logic and deduction to build strategies to solve the 24 levels

Raven Crime

Raven Crime Can u solve the murder of a young woman with a raven tattoo?

How Smart Are You?

How Smart Are You? Solve puzzles to discover what is happening

Match a Number

Match a Number Thinking caps on, it's time to do some math!

Sad Asylum

Sad Asylum Search around, find items to help you escape.


PicTune Can you identify the shape based on its sound?

An Epic Minimal Adventure

An Epic Minimalistic Adventure A unique game filled with puzzles and other brain benders

Calculate Genius

Calculate Genius A game about guestimating answers!

A-F .. G-O .. P-Z

Quantum of Light

Quantum of Light Guide the Photon flows towards the target Crystal

Nekra Psaria

Nekra Psaria It's weird, it's very weird, it's extremely weird... try to escape.

Project Alnilam

Project Alnilam Guide all the green objects to the exit... it's a brain bender!

Great House Escape

Great House Escape Can you get out alive?


Pixelo Use logic and your brain to solve each level!

Picross Madness

Picross Madness Picture logic puzzles - can you figure it out?

Escape Fan - 5 Rooms

Escape Fan - 5 Rooms Find various items, and solve puzzles to unlock all rooms and escape.

Horse Jump

Horse Jump Try to conquer each of the 64 levels in this novel puzzle game

Find Your Way Out

Find Your Way Out Click click click and bammm ur out... maybe

10 is Again

10 is Again it's all about making 10s... again!

gears and chains

Gears and Chains Spin It 2 Connect the gears with chains and get the #%^$! thing working!

The Lion King Castle Escape

The Lion King Castle Escape Trapped in the secret room, u must find a way out!

10 Game

10 Game Make lots of 10s... sounds easy... u will be surprised.


Momentum Activate ur brain and solve the puzzles!

Help Me Fly

Help Me Fly Get power to the plane so that it may fly again!

Samsara Room

Samsara Room Dare to enter the most mysterious rm escape game ever made?

Must Escape the Fortress

Must Escape the Fortress It's time to leave the castle before things get dangerous

Abradine Asylum

Abradine Asylum The asylum hasn’t been in operation for over thirty years. Try to get out!

40x Escape

40x Escape Thinking caps on, clicking fingers ready, try to get out... 40 times!

9 Game

Nine Game Make nines - math game fun!

Mixing Numbers

Mixing Numbers Put on ur mathematical hat for this one.


Botiada Energise the bots in the brain bender


RectConnect Connect the colored boxes in this fun brain-teaser!

Towers of Saigon

Towers of Saigon Mind-bending puzzle fun!

Shape Fold 2

Shape Fold 2 Twist and bend the puzzle pieces into the right spots!

Cave House Escape

Cave House Escape OMG, this is not going to be easy.

Push Out Circles

Push Out Circles Push out all circles found within squares.


Strand Create networks of connections that solve each level.

Chamber Door

Chamber Door Uncover the truth about the mysteries that surround u.


Dopaminium Isn't it time u had an out of body experience?

Lunar Escape

Lunar Escape Do you have the logical skills needed to transcend all 30 levels?

Humanoid 47

Humanoid 47 Prisoner of a strange hospital, trying to escape.

Escape from the Mall

Escape from the Mall No money, stores are closed, and you are all alone at the mall.

Darker Ride Escape

Darker Ride Escape You're locked up inside a dark ride at an amusement park.

Scale of the Universe

Scale of the Universe Not really a game, but very very interesting!

Giraffe Above

Giraffe Above
Eat all the apples and solve the puzzles!

Puzzle Freak

Puzzle Freak
Can you be the Puzzle Freak?!


Connect-It Fast paced mah jongg style puzzler!

A-F .. G-O .. P-Z

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