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Sports and Racing Online Games

Updated: February 1, 2016 5:12 AM
You're a sports fan, you thrive on racing cars, riding snowboards, shooting pool, doing crazy stunts on bikes, or simply playing a round of golf. FreeWorldGroup has an addictive range of games to meet your sporting needs. Are you feeling like taking a risk? Try Stunt Mania. Or do you like driving a truck as far as it will go, while crushing zombies at the same time, then look no further then Earn to Die 2012. But if you want to truly test your sporting skills, you must play QWOP, the worlds most challenging sports game. It may drive you mad, but it is a happy madness that will be with you forever.

Andy's Golf

Andy's Golf Simple game of golf - do u have the skill to win?

100 Golf Balls

100 Golf Balls Try to get as many golf balls in as many holes as u can!


Wrassling It's a retro wrestling game!

Ringside Hero

Ringside Hero Train ur fighter... train him to WIN!

Night Drivin'

Night Drivin' Drive at break-neck speeds in the dead of the night thru city streets.

Earn to Die 2012 Part 2

Earn to Die 2012 Part 2 Drive your way through countless zombie hordes.


Wonderputt Use your ultimate golfy skills to unlock the mind blowing features!

Potty Racers

Potty Racers Pootacular tricks, crapulous upgrades, explore new lands in your potty!

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels Insane and bloody skill-driving game!

Duck Life

Duck Life 2 Train your duck so it becomes world champion!

Neon Golf

Neon Golf Swing away and get a hole in one!

Groovy Ski

Groovy Ski Glide down the slopes at insane speeds!

Madmen Racing 2

Madmen Racing 2 Racing to survive, race to kill, race to win!

Dakar Racing

Dakar Racing Race thru the desert and try to win!

Boxing Live Round 2

Boxing Live Round 2 Train hard and then beat the beep out of ur opponents!

Driving Force 2

Driving Force 2 Race down city streets trying to catch criminals!


Crazycle Do some funky things on ur stunt bike!

Fancy Pants Snowboarding

Fancy Pants Snowboarding Help Signor Pants do wot he does best, act cool!

Dream Car Racing

Dream Car Racing Design your own car and drive it!

Duck Life 4

Duck Life 4 Train your duck to be the best athlete ever!

Street Race Fever

Street Race Fever Drag racing has never been this much fun!

Coaster Racer 2

Coaster Racer 2 3D racing at high speeds and insanity.

Puppet Tennis

Puppet Tennis Win the Puppet ATP championship... if u can!

Retro Racers 3D

Retro Racers 3D Race around some funky retro tracks around the house!

Earn to Die Exodus

Earn to Die 2 Exodus Crush some zombies, drive as far as u can, upgrade!

Golf is Hard

Golf is Hard A retro golf game that will test your skills to the max.

Dream Car Racing 2

Dream Car Racing 2 Create an awesome car and then race like it means something!


ASKL A game for recovering QWOPaholics. Try not to smash ur PC.

Potty Racers 3

Potty Racers 3 The legendary potty game is back! How far can you take your potty?!


QWOP This game will make you want to smash things and break your computer!
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