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Snakes and Ladders Game

Snakes and Ladders Game Can you get to the finish first?

Domino Block

Domino Block A classic strategy block game thingie!

Puzzle Blocks Ancient

Puzzle Blocks Ancient Solve the ancient mysteries by arranging the stone blocks!

Carnival Ducks

Carnival Ducks Try ur luck and shoot some ducks at the carnival!

Tower Microbes

Tower Microbes Stop the microbes before they eatz ur food in this difficult TD game!

Out of Step

Out of Step A think quick cute funky adventure game!

Lemmy vs Zombies

Lemmy vs Zombies Kill a lot of zombies and try to stay alive... or not!

HTML5 Freecell Solitaire

HTML5 Freecell Solitaire The classic game is back for all u freecell addicts!

Birdy Rush

Birdy Rush Keep that bird alive and unsquashed.

Battleship War

Battleship War Sink ya enemy before he sinks u in this new fangled classic game.


Engineerio Guide the red ball thingie to the exit!

Sailor Pop

Sailor Pop Match 3 ur way through this epic underwater adventure!

Backgammon Classic

Backgammon Classic One of the oldest games in the world is one click away!

Chess Classic

Chess Classic The board game at its very best.

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan
Fun military strategy game!

Bed and Breakfast 3

Bed and Breakfast 3 Turn your humble B&B into an international hotel!

Bowman 2

Bowman 2
The hottest game in the universe!



Breed and grow the ultimate bug!


Big Bucks

Big Bucks
RTS property board game!

Connect 4

Connect 4 Try to out smart this classic game!


Sokoban Help the Mario dude shift crates and solve puzzles in this classic

Goose Game

Goose Game A classic board game for the young and the young of heart.


Foosball Get ready to kickoff on the game of a lifetime!

Master Chess

Master Chess Are you a chess master?

Geometry Rash

Geometry Rash Run and jump ur way thru this death enticing game!

Hex Blitz

Hex Blitz Fast paced tetris like hexagonal html5 game!

Four Colors

Four Colors The classic UNO returns as an HTML5 game!

7 Words

7 Words A challenging crossword puzzle type game!


Ojello Cut up some jello and exercise ur brain.

Checkers Classic

Checkers Classic Strategize ur way to victory in this classic game!

Flag Quiz

Flag Quiz How good r u with flags? Can u recognize any :P

Powerblocks 2

Powerblocks 2 Shuffle the pieces around and make the jigsaw puzzle right!

Pixel Zombies

Pixel Zombies The zombie apocalypse is finally here... AGAIN!

B29 Assault

B29 Assault
Air warfare from the future!

Super D

Super D Save your friends in the Tower of Dicedom!

Tank 2012

Tank 2012 The explosive series continues!

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great Follow in his footsteps in this strategy game!

Zoo Escape 2

Zoo Escape 2 The animals r back and they need your help to escape!

Neon Pong

Neon Pong The classic game is back... in neon!


CrazyQuiz It's time to be crazy, it's time to play this quiz game!

Sky Knight

Sky Knight Save the earth from the evil alien force in this retro shooter!

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Master Like Humpty Dumpty, u put the pictures together again!

Cannons and Soldiers

Cannons and Soldiers Blast the enemy soldiers with ur trusty cannon!

Dead City

Dead City The world has gone to hell, try to kill some zombie

7 Differences

7 Differences Spot all the differences before ur time runs out!


ColorCube Arrange the colored blocks in order of their colors!

Gold Miner Tom

Gold Miner Tom There's gold in them thar hills!


Frogtastic Match 3 the froggy way!!


Electrio Join the electrons and positrons, but remember not cross paths!

Jewels Mania

Jewels Mania Match 3 like there is no tomorrow!

Mandala Coloring Book

Mandala Coloring Book Color to ur hearts content and chill.

Sweet Hangman

Sweet Hangman Guess the secret word before Mr Gingerbread is dismembered!


Reversi It's an html 5 strategy board game!!

Puzzle Freak

Puzzle Freak
Can you be the Puzzle Freak?!

Zombieman 2

Zombieman 2 Play human or zombie in this scary game!

Word Mountain

Word Mountain Travel the world climbing the highest peaks!

The Leon Wars

The Leon Wars
An epic battle for survival!

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