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Mystery Pic

Mystery Pic Can u figure out wot is hidden in the blurred image?

True Number Operator

True Number Operator Think quick, answer faster.

Word Puzzle

Word Puzzle Make the word from the scrambled letters!

Zombie Crashing

Zombie Crashing The zombies r coming... u must splatter them all!

Pirates Adventure

Pirates Adventure It's gold stealing time!

Feed Math

Feed Math Mr Fatty needs ur mathematical mind to feed him!

FlapCat Steampunk

FlapCat Steampunk Help the daredevil cat get through the obstacles!

Clock Shooter

Clock Shooter Tick tock goes the clock... shoot the clock.

Through Game

Through Game Can u get through the obstacles?


Reflector Get the light beams to move where they need to move!

Hungry Bob

Hungry Bob Big Mouth Bob needs ur help to feed him!

Mahjong Deluxe

Mahjong Deluxe Find the matching tile pairs in this classic game

Master Checkers

Master Checkers Will u defeat the game or will the game defeat you?

Panda Love

Panda Love Help two pandas find true love!

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan
Fun military strategy game!

Bed and Breakfast 3

Bed and Breakfast 3 Turn your humble B&B into an international hotel!

Bowman 2

Bowman 2
The hottest game in the universe!



Breed and grow the ultimate bug!


Big Bucks

Big Bucks
RTS property board game!

Olaf the Viking

Olaf the Viking Help him get through the land of Blargh!


Powerblocks It's like a jigsaw puzzle thingie game!

Zap Aliens

Zap Aliens Zap those aliens good... zap 'em dead!

Picture Quiz

Picture Quiz Can u name the picture shown??


Dota How many times can u move ur dot? HOW MANY?

Nugget Seeker Adventure

Nugget Seeker Adventure Collect the gold, avoid being beaten up along the way!

Car Crossing

Car Crossing Control traffic, it's ur job!

Square Crush

Square Crush End the reign of terror and squash all the squares!

Snowball World

Snowball World Help this heroic cat get through his world!

Guess Who

Guess Who Can u find the suspect before the AI finds urs?

Crevice Animal

Crevice Animal Try not to get squashed by the falling ceiling!

Flowers Puzzle

Flowers Puzzle It's a flower power brain bender!

Pixel Zombies

Pixel Zombies The zombie apocalypse is finally here... AGAIN!


SpikeBird Help Mr Bird avoid the fences and survive.

B29 Assault

B29 Assault
Air warfare from the future!

Super D

Super D Save your friends in the Tower of Dicedom!

Tank 2012

Tank 2012 The explosive series continues!

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great Follow in his footsteps in this strategy game!

Zoo Escape 2

Zoo Escape 2 The animals r back and they need your help to escape!


HexPuzzle Fix the puzzle pieces together and match 4!

Precion Game

Precision Game Do u have the steady hands of a surgeon?

Emoji Quiz

Emoji Quiz Can u guess wot word(s) are represented by the emoji??

Transport Game

Transport Game Leap with all the skill and timing u have!

Angry Fish

Angry Fish Help the helpless fish destroy the chickens

Math Plus

Math Plus How good is ur arithmetic?

FlapCat Copters

Flapcat Copters Help this cat fly up into the clouds... safely!

100 Metres Race

100 Metres Race Run like the wind and win the championship

Azure Defender

Azure Defender Defend ur lands from the evil that is coming!

360 Degree Game

360 Degree game How good are your reflexes?!

3D Blackjack

3D Blackjack Can u get to 21 or will go bust?

floppy fly

Floppy Fly Floppy, Flappy's distant relative, needs ur flying skills!

Freecell Solitiare

Freecell Solitaire The classic game comes back alive in this HTML5 incarnation!

The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer Use a bit of skill and match-3 power to send the orbs back!


Reversi It's an html 5 strategy board game!!

Puzzle Freak

Puzzle Freak
Can you be the Puzzle Freak?!

Zombieman 2

Zombieman 2 Play human or zombie in this scary game!

Word Mountain

Word Mountain Travel the world climbing the highest peaks!

The Leon Wars

The Leon Wars
An epic battle for survival!

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