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Abyss Game

They say the fires of hell are hot. Well that just doesnt cut it. You want hotter... you need hotter... you will get hotter. Enter the 'Abyss' and play a game that will certainly roast you time and time again. Your objective is a challenging one - climb up the walls of the Abyss and try not to get burnt alive in the lava or killed by some other terrible thing on the wall as you climb up. Watch out, there are traps all over the place and it will be a bloody miracle if you make it half way up or anywhere for that matter.

So, start the game by jumping from wall to wall, clinging on for dear life. But do not dawdle, unless of course you like to be served well done on some menu somewhere in some classy restaurant that serves up lava roasted bird.

Good luck with this task set before you. I am sure you will do well and overcome the challenges you face in the game.

Live long and prosper... or at the very least, cook well.

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Updated: September 28, 2014 12:20 PM

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