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Age Manipulation 2

Ur planet is plagued with evil dudes from Round Land, with the goal of turning ur once beautiful world into a corrupt and blarghy place. This is not a happy time for ur peoples - the peoples of The Square. To resolve this unacceptable situation, ur best scientists have discovered a new biological process which can now accelerate the growth of youngsters and make them older in a matter of seconds. This is seen as ur planets only hope in it's fight against the evil dudes of Round Land. Use this new discovery to make ur the young squares bigger and push the evil Rounds away. Yes, it is a physics-puzzle game!

Adjust the size of the square people and make the evil rounds roll off the screen. Watch out, and don't knock off any good round peeps, as this will result in immediate failure and the takeover of ur entire planet by the evil dude creature things!

Also watch out for Squares that have turned against you - they must be pushed off into oblivion too!

Good luck and save the planet!

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Updated: July 26, 2015 2:42 PM

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