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Age of Defenders

Multiplayer or single player, this tower defense game is the one for you, if u love fast-paced tactical thinking.

The future world is not what you or anyone else could possibly imagine. Teleportation is a technology that has been developed and it is now so essential, that no one can live without it. Unfortunately, the tech was created and is owned by a single company, the Rydan Corporation, named after the mineral needed to achieve the technological feat of teleportation. The world has now grown dependent on the mining of Rydan, and this has come with the cost of rebellions and fighting between different groups.

The main goal of the game is to destroy the opponent’s main base by obliterating 10 attacking units. This may sound easy enough for you, but your opponents think the same.

To win, you must build factories and units. Your army is automatically produced in factories. Once you have your units, plan your attacks with care, before launching an assault upon your opponent. 

You gain experience from different activities within the game – either it is defending or attacking. This experience allows you to unlock some special features for your units or towers.

If you are more interested in multiplayer conflict, then you can use all your tactical skills against other humans. Trying to wipe them out and avoid being killed yourself.

Whatever game mode you play, remember to think strategically... it is the only way you can win a game like this. Good luck!

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Updated: December 21, 2014 4:36 PM

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