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Awesome Seaquest

The story thus far:

The evil Red Army have taken it upon themselves to overrun the seas you once controlled. *cry cry* They are such bullies! But if that wasn't bad enough, these fiends have also stolen the propeller from your very awesome Ark boat thingie. *shock, horror*

What u need to do:

Take on the red army in this sea based strategy follow up to Awesome Conquest! Incrementally build your navy, research special weapons and take back your territory.

Use the map to target resources and choose ur battles wisely.

Win battles early to get bonus cash and earn a high rank on the ark!


- New sea-based theme, send in boats, sub, choppas, anti-air boats and anti-sub boats in to battle
- More tactical, each unit is now best pitched against specific enemy units
- Dry dock. You can still have a max of 16 units in battle, but ones you don’t need can be stored in your dry dock so your available army can be much larger
- More open upgrades and four paths to take on the map, less linear, more dynamic gameplay
- New special units, Repair Boat (repair units in battle), Tesla Boat (special attack), Hacker Blimp (gain extra cash during battle), Prospector Sub (again, gain extra cash in battle) and Kamikaze Boat (last resort boats that appear at the end of the battle if you lose or retreat)
- All new special weapons!
- New baddie bosses
- Unlockable difficulty levels
- Ranks to achieve to help you gauge your performance
- A whole new set of achievements

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Updated: June 10, 2015 5:52 AM

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