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Battle Golf

So u wanted a nice relaxing game of golf to finish off the day? Right? RIGHT? RELAXING! that is all you want. Well be prepared to be astounded. This golf game is not nice and relaxing. It is a BATTLE. It is probably one of the fastest paced golfing games you will ever play on a computer. Ur going to have to perfect ur golf swing in nanoseconds and get that aiming just right so u can take out the other player... and by take out, I do not mean to dinner.

This is wot u do. First, knock out the other play (either an AI or a real player on the same keyboard). Once u achieve this, u must sink ur ball into the floating green in the middle of the screen. Once u do that, u can repeat the process all over again.

There is little time to consider angle and power. Consider fast, or u will lose. U WILL LOSE BADLY!

Skill, speed, nerves of steel. That is all it takes to win this simple retro game of golf! FOREEEE!!!

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Updated: September 2, 2015 11:08 AM

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