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Beasts Battle 1

"General! Our scouts have spotted beasts, the most insidious beasts imaginable, marching towards our pure kingdom. They are coming from the darklands of Blargiah. Senior Scout Blatterator has seen them up close, they stink, they really stink, like the stinkiest stink stink you can imagine. These beasts will soon be upon us, smelling us to death! Gods have mercy on us all if that happens! What are your orders?"

"Settle down First Purerfier Frookle, we will use our superior, non stinky intellect to defeat this offensive malodorous enemy. Fear not, with me, General Frookenfurter the Third, all shall be well."

In this challenging turn-based strategy game, you play the part of the general. Putting together your army and different units to defeat the vile enemy over two campaigns - each with different story lines and challenges. Strategy is key to success, so before embarking on any encounter, consider what enemy you are facing, their numbers and unit types, then put together your army to face them in battle.

This war game will bring out the strategist in you, with multiple spells at hand, numerous unit types, and different skills to acquire. Save your land from being smellied to death, for the sake of all.

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Updated: January 19, 2015 8:16 AM

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