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Black Bit Ninja 2

You're a ninja. An awesomely fantastical ninja. You know, the type legends wish they were made of. Your ninja skills are known around the world, maybe even the universe, or possibly the multiverse. EVERYONE knows about your skill with the ninja swords. Now it is time to put money where your mouth is.

The evil RED ninjas of the Ninja galaxy have laid a puzzling trap for you. It is your goal in this choppy game to defeat the evil RED ninjas using the bare minimum of moves per level.

Sounds easy... wrong. Even for one of your skill level, it will be a challenge to defeat the evil reds in the set number of moves allowed per level. Can you do it? Time will tell.

OK, it's a skill-puzzler kind of game, with a bit of ninja gore thrown in for decoration. Have fun playing this, the RED ninja's probably will not.

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Updated: October 5, 2014 7:13 AM

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