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Blockys Escape

Blocky, the cube, is trapped in Puzzle Prison. He was thrown in there on trumped-up charges after upsetting the Grand High Triangle, a senior figure in the Geometric Regime that rules the land. Poor blocky is now another political prisoner in a corrupt and unjust system. It's up to you get help this squarish innocent to escape the Puzzle Prison.

In each level of this game it is ur task to help Block get to the exit. Collect whatever stars may be present and avoid things that could dissolve blocky, or electricute blocky, or do some other terrible thing to block. Turn things off and on by jumping on buttons and get poor blocky out before his death sentence is to be carried out.

That's right, folks, Blocky has been sentenced to death for having differing views to the government of the land.


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Updated: September 18, 2015 7:00 AM

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