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Bobby Da Arrow

Bobby Da Arrow, that's what they call you. You're the only one in the village with Robin Hood skill level to take out anything that walks, talks, flies or swims. In this game you're objective is clear - kill the rampaging horde of goblins and other monsters before they reach the village. This is a combo skill, semi-action game. The horde is not necessarily moving all at once, there is a delay, giving you time to reload. So you must target the enemies that can inflict the most damage on you the fastest - before they creep forward and do nasty things to you.

Select your enemies and kill them in order, before they kill you. You go through this for every level, with new challenges to deal with. Ultimately it comes down to you being skillful with ur arrow and knowing who to kill first.

Good luck with all the shooting, you're going to need it as the game progresses. May seem easy to begin, but do not be fooled, the game difficulty increases quickly.

Bobby Da Arrow

Updated: November 22, 2014 5:46 AM

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