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Brain Trainer

Brain strain is a problem facing all of us. Our brains are getting more flabby. Our brains like to sit around all day allowing computers and mobiles to do the work for them. It's time to get that brain of urs into shape and de-flab it!

This brain training game is just wot that big fat lazy brain of urs needs. Ur about to embark on some quick thinking, yet fun exercises, which may help fend off dementure and make u smarter than the average zombie.

This game will hit u with a series of different puzzle, memory, and reflex games. Each one requires clear thinking and a brain that likes to exercise. So get ready and remember to stretch before u begin - we wouldn't want u to strain anything... right?

Happy thinking!

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Brain Trainer

Updated: January 21, 2016 10:57 AM

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