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Brutal 2: Mr Bubbles

Mr Bubbles has a very important meeting to go to. Unfortunately he missed the last bus to Bubble City and has to float his way there. This is not as simple as one might believe. Mr Bubbles lives in Spikey World. Not the most ideal place for someone made from 100% soap bubbles. Because of the situation Mr Bubbles finds himself in, it is up to you, yes YOU, to help him get to Bubble City unpopped, and in a fine spherical condition.

You are about to embark on an arduous SKILL-PLATFORMER game. Mr Bubbles floats, jumps and waddles around. You take control and show him how to get through all the levels, without being popped.

The challenge is actually quite huge in this one. You need to learn to control how Mr Bubbles floats through the air. If you need some advice, check out the walkthroughs to the right, however, they can only help u so far. Ultimately it will come down to how skillfully you can manouver Mr Bubbles around each level.

Don't forget, Mr Bubbles has that very important meeting to get to. Do try to get him there in a timely manner. Thankyou.

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Updated: February 19, 2015 7:10 AM

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