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Caravaneer 2


This story begins when the world was a better place, when it was covered with huge green plants that were so dense that the sunlight could barely reach the ground. There was clean fresh water on the land and many animal species living everywhere.

Then something unfortunate happened... the humans came. With their grand intellect and their ability to pass knowledge from generation to generation, they soon built a huge civilization that occupied the entire world, displacing plants and animals. The technologies they developed allowed them to produce more food than they could possibly eat and to protect themselves from weather and predators.

These technologies made their life very comfortable and allowed them to have luxuries we can't even imagine today, but they never had enough. No matter how much they had, they could never fully satisfy their greed. They were putting all their efforts into increasing their wealth without caring about anything but their personal profit.

Soon enough, their continuous gold rush brought the future they were warned about, but never cared enough to prevent. Temperatures rose, killing crops and animals. Famine came about. Then there were floods, hurricanes and forest fires, which were followed by terrible epidemics of long forgotten diseases and their new, even deadlier mutations.

the world became an endless desert. The human civilization that took thousands of years to build was wiped out in a blink of an eye, and humanity itself was brought to the brink of extinction. People somehow managed to adapt to the new conditions. However, they lost the powerful civilization that was protecting them from external dangers, and above all, from each other.

Defenseless and devastated, people were dying out generation after generation. Today, the world's population is just a miserable part of what it once used to be. Some people are still trying to restore the old civilization, but their efforts are constantly frustrated by those who care about nothing but their own immediate benefit.

There are violent bands all around the desert that rob, rape and kill peaceful dwellers, sometimes for no other reason but amusement. The few remaining settlements need to pay huge tributes and suffer continuous abuse and humiliation. Those that defend themselves by surrounding their homes with walls fight raiders on a daily basis. Losing people and valuable resources.

traveling in the desert is extremely dangerous. Communication and trade between settlements is very scarce, Economic development is almost impossible and life conditions are getting worse year after year. If there is no drastic change in the near future, these might the last days of humanity...


Well that's the story in this, the second part of the Caravaneer series. If you haven't guess already, this is a free post-apocalyptic RPG trading game.

Caravaneer 2 fuses turn based RPG games with economics-strategy games. You begin the game in a desert, with the primary goal of surviving and trying to gain enough power to complete your missions. In order to achieve this, the easiest thing to do is start up a biz transporting goods between settlements. Buy things when they're cheap and then sell for a profit when their price increases. With the money you make, you can improve your lot in life and get better transport vehicles, or hire new people to help, or get better battle gear... you have to decide what is more important.

This game is extensive, time consuming, and detailed - play it when you have a lot of time to spare and want to play a game that goes well and truly beyond the usual Flash game.

Make the post-apocalyptic world a better place for yourself...

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Updated: December 27, 2014 4:54 AM

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