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Long have you hated the bunnywunnycat-like creatures of Freakledeakleland. You hatred runs deep and through the ages. It is time to take action. It is time to eliminate those who dare call themselves cute. It is time for you to blast your enemy and their blocky towers... one structure at a time. Yep, it's a knockdown-catapult skill game!

So here you are... your one man army with your trusty catapult. The enemy... waiting for you in their wooden block towers. Your objective is to rid the land of these creatures by knocking down the blocks and crushing the foolish inhabitants. Good aiming is key, but so too is the strength setting. Think of this as a 3D version of angry birds.

Use as few rocks as possible to get the max number of stars. Do you have the skills for this game? U certainly have the anger! Those stupid cute animals need to be destroyed!

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Updated: March 17, 2015 8:02 AM

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