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The dark lord Baalirox made a pact with your little town: send gladiators and food in his cave, and you may survive. Will you be able to break the malediction and save the village? It's a strategy RPG game!


This story begins in ancient ages of heroism and magic. In these times, a lush and peaceful little land flowered. Peasants were obeidient, merchants prosperous and the king was lazy. Smiling animals jumped joyfully amongst happy trees. The Sun shined all day long and even part of teh night. Life there was beautiful and careless.

To put it in a nutshel: I was exactly the kind of perfect kingdom that used to proliferate in fairytales.

But in a forgotten corner of a forsaken forest, was the Cave. A cursed place where the Sun would never shine, and the blood would continuously splatter.

Within this dark hole, the evil lord Ballirox reigned. His hideous minions went creeping in the shadows, unable to ever satisfy their insatiable anger for violence and human flesh. Anxious to preserve the social harmony amongst his creatures., Baalirox decided to build a momumentally grim Arena for his subjects to unleash their cruielty. In addition, he resolved to organise human sacrificed on a regular basis so they could satisfy their thirst for blood.

I short: the goold old 'Panem et circences' policy.

As the good manager he was, the subterranean despot would spare his herd of homsapiens. Naturally, his monsters used to capture crunchy young gentlemen and tender damsels on a regular basis... but always respecting the hunting quotas, and the dignity of the Animal. Demons and humans lived side-by-side in such harmony, that the latter started to spontaneously deliver the mechandise to the Alter of Darkness, in the enjoyment and the cheerfulness.

What an outstandling example of muticultural friendliness!

Now, it's your turn to pursue the experiment. Head off on a an extraordinary adventure! Full of heroism and bravery. Canibalism, Military strategy, and analytical accounting. Human resources management, cynicism and glory!

A bitter sweet metaphor for the human condition.

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It's a FLASH game!


Updated: November 5, 2017 4:16 AM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

Go through in-game tutorial!

* Hire gladiators in the Tavern
* Upgrade their gear in the Forge
* Use surgery and trainings to make them stronger
* Sacrifice them in the Altar for gold or to calm down monsters
* Look for opportunities with daily events
* Learn hundreds of skills, including elemental magic
* Defeat thousands of unique monsters with unique abilities
* Collect 63 achievements across 4 levels of difficulty
* Events, gladiators and monsters are randomly generated, making each adventure unique.

End of FLASH, as we know it! Please Read...

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