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Chuppy Shills

The Chuppy-Shills are a freaky group of fluffy animals. They were visiting Adventureland and for reasons unknown became lost. Now these fearful little creatures from the other side need help finding their way home. If you can't help them, they may become side-show freaks... something they dread ... more than death itself.

It's a physics-puzzle game with a heavy dose of cute thrown in. It's ur task to collect the Chuppy-Shills using a special vacuum cleaner sucker-upperer machine thing. 

Sometimes, the fluffy creatures are not in easy to get locations. You can also move objects with ur machine and turn on different mechanisms.

Ur ultimate goal is to suck all the Chuppy-Shills into the glass bulb untill the energy of the vacuum collector runs out.

Good luck saving the Chuppy-Shills!

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Updated: October 9, 2015 6:05 AM

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