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Cowaboom Xmas

The cows r back... back for Christmas and back for revenge! They are mad, mad cow disease mad and will do almost anything to knock over the bulls. The bulls have had it waaaay too good for waaay too long, and that just doesnt sit right with cowkind. *shakes head in dismay* What has the world come to?

In this skill game you are in command of the angry cow mob, helping them run, and then jump, and then finally hopefully knock down the bull acrobats at the other side of the screen. Vent your anger, vent your rage, smash those bulls with the cowforce you have at hand.

What is it you say? This is an Angry Birds rip off? I respond by saying Angry Birds ripped off other earlier games, it does not matter.

Anyway, this xmas special comes with a couple of extra levels and a moo to boot. Good luck, use a bit of skill and wipe out the bulls.

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Updated: December 17, 2014 11:40 AM

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