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Crazy Digger 2 Level Pack

So you've completed Crazy Digger 2, and now you need a real challenge... a challenge set by the humans of the world, a level pack that will test your rock munching problem solving skills like no other. What is that you say? You haven't played Crazy Digger 2 yet? O M G, play it first, unless you want to be overwhelmed with a really really difficult game. This is basically an expert version of the non level pack game. So enter at your own risk...

OK, you're up to the challenge, eating rocks never scared you anyways. You will be thrown into the deep end, straight out from level one. Be prepared to fail at least once... or many more times per level. One minor mistake, one miscalculation and you could end up being eaten or squashed or some other terrible ending.

As with Crazy Digger 2, you have to collect all the crystals in each level. Push stones out of the way and avoid nasty things that could end you. Oh, don't forget about the time limit on each level. That means no slacking off and going off for a bathroom break or to the fridge. Once u start a level, you complete it ... or else!

Happy munching and have fun beating this extremely challenging game!

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Updated: October 25, 2014 10:27 AM

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WASD or Arrow keys.

Dig through the green tiles, push stones and collect crystals. Oh dont forget about avoiding the monsters.


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