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Decision 3

Background story:

I left my real name in a previous life, the life before the infection. Epidemic covered the city in a few days. Panic did not allow time to localize the spread of this infection. And now the whole planet is facing the threat of becoming a zombie world.

I decided that one person can also be an army, albeit a small, but well managed one. I am responsible only for myself, I give orders only to myself and do it myself too. Two cities are already in my "Track Record". Now the third. Perhaps I'm becoming more excited like a player who is always lucky.

Recently, one of the inspectors established contact with m and told me that people take the situation under control gradually. Secret military units and well protected bases did not allow the infection to spread over their territories. They cam together in the Epdiemic Control Center, ECC. In many cities, there are so called ECC inspectors. They help survivors to take refuge in checkpoints and fortified areas.

The inspector met me on the edge. From his story I relized that there are civil and military in the city, ready to fight for their lives. Ooutposts need workers and soldiers for the defense. According to intelligence reports, the zombies gather in groups in this town. Maybe preparing for a major offensive.

I have not encountered something like this yet. The only good news is that the city is not dead. There are working underground factories, so I can get useful equipment.

Well Sergeant, there is a job waiting for you. Go ahead with ... faith in yourself!

What you do:

In this action-strategy-adventure game you enter a city that has been infected by the zombie virus. It's up to you to make allies and restore some order and urban facilities to the city.

Fight the zombie menace, bring together a group of survivors and end the zombie plague at least in this one city!

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Updated: February 5, 2015 12:08 PM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

- you can change the control scheme (mouse/keyboard);
- the location of inspectors is random;
- you must perform a direct action, “Frontier outpost” (obviously in adjacent areas) to unlock new areas;
- to find new survivors search the whole map, and revisit areas.


End of FLASH, as we know it! Please Read...

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