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Desert Survival Escape

[Barren Desert] + [idiot in jeep] = [escape game]. Correct. You were stupid enough to be driving through the desert one day when suddenly a Dust Devil, or what Australians call Willie Willies, hit you. It was huge. So huge, it gobbled up your entire jeep and thankfully left you in a huge mound of sand. Lucky for you, the dust devil was placated with only the jeep, or u too could now be gone, digesting away in the bowels of the devil. Anyway, back to the game. You find yourself in a huge pile of sand in the middle of a desert. No water, no car, no nothing. What better way to begin an escape game?!?

As with all escape games, search around your stark environment and try your best to find things of use. These will come in handy later on when you actually have the opportunity to get the hell out of this horrible location and back to the sunny, water soaked beaches of Frooktown.

If you get stuck, check out the walkthrough to the right --->

This is part one of a 4 part escape game. So it looks like you're going to be in this desert for a while. Sit tight, puzzle hard and maybe, just maybe, in a few games time you will have escaped. Good luck!

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Updated: November 17, 2014 11:48 AM

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