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Dots Revamped

Funny how some games can have such a simple foundation, yet have the ability to hold ur attention and give u a bit of excitement. This very dotty game is one of them. A game that will grab u by its simplicity and then reel u in for the kill.

U have a pretty straight forward objective in this skill-avoid game - move ur big head dude around and collect the blue smily dotty faces. Once in a while u may be able to pick up a rainbow dot and then, just like pacman, u can go on a feeding frenzy and eat all the other colored dots that appear on the playing screen.

Feast on the blues... avoid other colors unless they are powerups or some other useful item and get through the game, slowly unlocking new levels and new challenges. Will u be able to do it? Let us see.

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Updated: October 2, 2015 8:47 AM

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