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Easy Joe 3

Easy Joe is your typical green neon bunny. He likes radiation; he likes to radiate; he likes to shine brightly in the middle of the night; he's just an all round nice guy with a green complexion. All this niceness isn't helping anything, something is missing in Joe's life. He seeks to fill an emptiness in his neon green heart. This is where you take over and help him fulfill his dreams. It's time to take Easy Joe out to see the world!

It's a cute puzzler! Your mission in this game is to click on things and on Easy Joe, so that he can move about the world. Make sure you get the order right, or Mr Joe will not be going anywhere. No it is not a frantic clicker, its a carefully considered click game. So don't worry about buying a spare mouse.

Anyway, the game is cute, it's simple, and it has a green bunny in it. What else could anyone ask for? Oh right, you could ask for a walkthrough. If you look over yonder -> yesh, it's there... to help you if by some weird happening you actually do need help solving a level in this game.

Good luck, and keep the bunny happy!

Done with this? Play the prequel, Easy Joe 2

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Updated: February 11, 2015 7:09 AM

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