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Clicker strategy game. Prototype version. (Not a regular clicker, it requires to think a little).

Create your temples so your zealots worship you. With more zealots you will gain more faith, with more faith you can defeat those o claim your God-Presence is false. Destroy your detractors and build your religion to last eons.

Grow your religion acquiring adepts, click over the spells to complete each and gain might Might will allow you to include more adepts in your religion. As a mighty god you can also destroy your creations either for fun or to change them for more adept fanatics.

Pay attention because eventually a holy man and bonuses may appear, destroy them get a either temporal or permanent rewards for your faith.

Game autosaves every 60 seconds, if you leave you can continue where just you left either automatically or in the menu.

See how mighty your religion can grow.

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Play Evil God

It's an HTML5 game!

Updated: January 23, 2018 0:26 AM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

Mouse only.

Quick GUIDE - UI was mostly designed for Cell Phones since I'm planning to publish it on googleplay.

1. Click (as you expected) to complete the SPELLS (Images) that appear in the right, inside your temple. When completed you'll be granted with might. (you are basically praying to complete the spells)
2. If you have enough MIGHT (number above "might record" text that reflects how much you've earned from followers prayers and worship), you can convoke followers.
3. FOLLOWERS are bought at the STORE, bottom part of the screen, if you click on them a PAPYRUS will show you the characteristics of the unit and its price in might. You can also turn on and off the papyrus torch help. (Double tap/click unit icons to buy them)
4. Look for the unit combination that suits you the most to get as much might as you can, become the mightiest and acquire more followers. Every unit is unique in its own way.
5. Upgrade your TEMPLES to fit more units
6. If an AWARD is granted check the "Trofee" icon, it will blink in yellow.
7. Review your FAITH production in the statistics screen (vertical bars icon on the top right).
8. Increase your GOD LEVEL reaching the proper production, a text indicating your next god level is displayed on the top left area of the screen as "Objective"
9. Every 10 god levels you'll be granted with a SPELL LEVEL. Spell levels will unlock more units, more valuable spells and further expansions (working on all of that stuff).
10. A LIGHTNING is to get rid of the units you don't want and make room for new units. Some units grant PERMANENT FAITH when destroyed.
11. Bonuses may appear, click on them to get a temporary reward.
12. A HOLY MAN may appear which is not enlightened in your god ways, destroy him to get +10% of your faith production as PERMANENTE FAITH in your clicks.

End of FLASH, as we know it! Please Read...

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