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Feed Me Moar 2

The Gobble Monsters are hungry. They're hungry for delicious liquid food that only you can supply. It's your objective in this gobbly game to make sure the food gets too all the monsters in each level. Failure to supply an adequate amount of the yummy purple food thingie may result in bad things happening... such as you getting eaten by the monsters.

In this puzzler try to work out the optimum route for the liquid food to get to the monsters. Avoid over feeding any and make sure enough of the food gets to each monster. The monsters will show their appreciation for your efforts once their hunger has been satisfied.

If the feeding process becomes too difficult, even for you - look to your right and check out the walkthrough. It will answer any questions you have about a level.

Best of luck with this game. Feeding monsters can never be easy.

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Updated: October 7, 2014 6:53 AM

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