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Finite Moves

Infinity... such a nice concept... so easy to grasp... or not. Fine, since infinity is so impossibly mind-boggling, lets just stick within the realm of finite today. In this game you have a FINITE number of moves to position the blocky things over the glowy dots. It is a brain bending brain-teaser and your brain will enjoy it!

So, this is wot u do - check out how many moves the blocks have (based on the number written on them). Make sure you plan ahead and move the blocks the total number of times required and their finishing position is over a glowy dot thing. The game will get tricky and u can nudge blocks around by pushing them with other blocks, hence not necessarily using the pushed blocks move count.

Easy peasy, right? Maybe. Lets just see if your brain copes or if it implodes. Good luckity luck.

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Finite Moves

Updated: November 13, 2016 5:42 AM

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