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Follow the path of the blue square (we call him Mr Blue in the office)!


For every correct movement u make during the follow, u get one point. Get it all right and u move onto the next level... a more difficult level. More steps to remember... bigger board size. It will blow your mind.

How far can u follow before u get lost in the wilderness of Gridland. No hope ever of returning back home. Forever wandering the squares of eternity, wondering wot if... wot iff I moved right instead of left... up instead of down... maybe you would now be with Mr Blue... safe and sound in ur new home. BUT NO! u did not listen to ur innner self when it said LEFT LEFT LEFT... arghhhh how could it all end like this... HOW????

Yes, it is a puzzle - memory game.

Focus hard, because it does get quite hard. How many points will u get... I smell a challenge coming up!

Will u remember?

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Follow Game

Updated: December 1, 2015 5:11 AM

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Arrow keys or WASD.

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