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Frozen Islands

The story thus far

In times of old, the legend of a vile creature, an ice giant named Frookgreegle, was spoken of. The name of this fiend was always uttered in hushed tones, lest he hear and wake from his long slumber. As millenia passed, memory of the giant began to fade. Eventually only the ancient lore keepers would know his name.

This was how it was to remain, until one day, one fateful day, an apprentice lore keeper shouted the giants name in anger... FROOKGREEGLE! he exclaimed! This foolish act, from someone so naive, has brought cold and misery to our lands. The ice giant was awoken from his deep slumber. He was enraged, almost to the point of madness, as he was having such a pleasant dream.

Ever since, the people of your Viking land have suffered greatly, all frozen, so many dead, so little hope, so many evil minions of the ice giant to contend with. It is at this point you enter the story - you with your small band of viking warriors are about to embark on a quest to free your lands from Frookgreegle and his minions.

What you do

Yep, this is a really cool strategic action-runner game! You have to put together a fighting force which can then be used to take on the minions of the Ice Giant. Your objective is to free your lands, one island at a time. Each encounter gives you the opportunity to get gold. Use this gold to upgrade your forces, so that you may eventually be strong enough to defeat the ice giant himself.

Collect more warriors as you progress and create special teams that are capable of defeating all who oppose you. May the Gods smile upon you and your special force, as you are the only hope for your people.

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Updated: August 25, 2015 7:06 AM

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