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Gift Rush 3

Yep, it's almost halloween time, and what better way to start the season off than with a Christmas game instead? Get in the spirit of Xmas and gift giving in this very non-halloweeny game. They could have thrown in some blood and gore or something, but no, it's all so very merry, with freaky happy tunes.

So in this out-of-season Christmas game your objective is to get some delicious Xmas cake to the love of your life - a blobby creature that looks somewhat like you. To achieve this mighty task, you shoot out a spiderman style web thingie to pull, push or drag you or any other object (including your chick) to the cake. Yes, I'm afraid this game will require a certain level of skill, so those of u lacking in this area may want to play something else.

Complete all the levels in this physics puzzler and make your girl happy. Tis the only way to be. U can't have your other half unhappy. Good luck and merry Halloween!

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Updated: September 30, 2014 5:33 AM

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