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Golf is Hard

Golf is one of those sports that you either love or you hate or maybe you lovehate it... whatever. It's something that can come naturally to you or not. This simulated golf game is just like the real thing, except different. One of the key differences is you are not allowed to walk on the golf course. Yes, I know, it sounds odd, but play the game all will become clear. Clear like a summer breeze in autumn. So where was I? Oh right, this is a golf game. You are about to play it. It is challenging, but not to the point where you will throw your computer out the window.

What you do: you hit the golf ball into the hole at the other side of the screen.

What you also do: try to use as few hits of the ball as possible to get it in the hole.

What u do not do: hit the ball to the other side of the screen and beyond.

Consider carefully you angle and power settings.

Have fun going retro and winning a round of golf with the least number of shots!

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Updated: April 11, 2015 5:39 AM

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