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How to Cook Everything

*sings* Food, glorious food! What wouldn't we give for, that extra bit more, that's all that we live for... *stops singing* ...especially if it's made out of refuse from the local landfill. You, my friend, have the enviable position of head chef at Big Bertha's Diner. It's the in-place for anyone who is anyone in Frooksville. All the snobs come by just to taste the exquisite ingrediants used in all your fantabulous dishes. There is no finer diner in the great state of Frook-i-ner.

So are you ready for action? Are you ready to cook the line? Are you ready to make food art? Did you say YES? Well great, this is a time management cooking kind of game... sort of... You're going to be asked to serve up dishes to customers in the diner... so use whatever you have at hand to prepare them. May the frooks above help you through this one, cause your sous chef just ran away with the spoon... shortly after the cow jumped over the moon... and there was a little dog that happened to be laughing, no one quite knows why, but it seems to have something to do with a dish, the spoon and your sous chef.

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Updated: February 7, 2015 6:54 AM

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