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Jelly Lam

Jelly Lam, the jelly dude from around the corner is having difficulty getting into his hole. As any good neighbor would do, u offer to help him get out of this sticky situation. It is your job in this game to help Mr Lam move his arms/legs/(wotever they are) about to get the key to the hole. But that's not all! Jelly lost some stars while trying to move about. Try to get them for him before you get the key. Once you've helped the jelly dude get everything, move him into position over the hole.

If you can do this, Mr Jelly Lam will be a very happy jelly dude. This problem with holes, keys and stars repeats itself over several levels in this game, until finally the jelly dude decides to move to another planet. Hopefully this time round things will be easier for him... NOT. There are three worlds in this game and each time the jelly dude gets into a mess in which you need to help him out.

Things do get more complicated and you will have to cut, stretch and do other things to get Mr Jelly Lam around the place to his hole.

Have fun stretching/cutting the frook out of the jelly dude! It's a physics-puzzler!!

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Updated: December 2, 2014 5:48 PM

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