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It's a retro action platforming adventure game.

The Story:

In the 21st century, hostility among numerous countries led to the rise of several underground factions. These groups practic activities such as scientific research, weapon development and espionage. Among the darkest alliances were services of assassination and biological weapons experiments.

But some of them were advocates of peace and human righs, working twoards a better world. HaimaCorp. stards as one of the most brilliant and powerful resarch and development companies in the world. With strick moral code, they have provided many governments with valuable resources and discoveries. However, only a select group of powerful people may know that HaimaCorp. is actually a facade.

At the forefront of war experiments, HaimaCorp. controls many countries and quickly expands their influence. Their most recent endeavor consists of abducting young students to use as subjects of human experiments.

But someone stands in their way. The Juniper Kepp Squad is an organization dedicated to fight against the wicked. Training young podigies in the art of combat, the JK squad is ready to send their most talented members to complete the mission.

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It's an HTML5 game!

Updated: October 1, 2017 6:12 AM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

[Arrow Keys]: Move
[Z]: Jump
[X]: Attack

Menu Controls:
: Select/Skip Intro
[Esc]: Return
[Arrow Keys]: Change Options

Climb on Walls: When jumping or falling, hold [Left] or [Right] against a wall to start climbing. Hold [Up] or [Down] to move, press [Jump] to jump away or hold [Down]+[Jump] to drop.

Cling on Ceiling: Hold [Up] When your head touches the ceiling to start clinging, hold [Left] or [Right] to move. Hold [Down]+[Jump] to drop.

Platforms: When jumping under a platform the character can perform an auto-jump. On walls or ceilings, hold [Up] under a platform to jump. On top of platforms hold [Down]+[Jump] to drop.

Sub-Weapons: Hold [Up] and press [Attack] to utilize a sub-weapon when available. Each sub-weapon consumes a certain amount of ammo.

Deflect: Enemy projectiles can be deflected with your attacks if timed just right.

Special Moves:
[Down]>[Up]>[Attack]: Rising uppercut, can be used on ground or airborne.
[Down]>[Left] or [Right]>[Attack]: Slide, can be used on ground only.

End of FLASH, as we know it! Please Read...

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