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Last Town

Burning witches isn't like it used to be. Gone have the days when you could put together a nice pile wood with a witch on top for a good old fashioned burning to the stake. Nope, things are not that easy. Ur mayor of some nondescript village in the middle of some nondescript land, during a time of superstition and chaos. You're tasked with passing judgement on peeps who are acused of witchcraft. As any good mayor would do, u pass judgement and the burning usually follows.

Not anymore...

Two witches have summoned the undead to attack the village, in revenge for your mayoral activities and judgements passed on witches past. The undead are recently passed friends and family of peeps in the village. This doesnt change anything though, you need to stop these zombies from getting into the village and ripping living folk to shreds. It's up to you to set up a good defense for the village in this game and keep the people safe.

Defending the village is not cheap - find treasure, trade and unlock secret talents in the villagers. This is the only way you will ever be able to defend against the evil that is coming.

This is a plant vs zombies kind of game, with more to it and strangely enough no plants. However, it still has the zombies, and a good story line to boot. Though u can skip the story if ur impatient and simply want to get to work killing zombies.

May the Frook above watch over you during your time of trial.

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Updated: December 7, 2014 0:46 AM

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End of FLASH, as we know it! Please Read...

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