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Legends of Honor


In a war ravaged kingdom divided by three feuding factions, survival and prosperity are the preserves of the strong. In Legends of Honor, walls rise and castles crumble in the blink of an eye, so gather your forces and prepare your heroes for battle!

Combining fast-paced action with strategic empire building, Legends of Honor is an MMO browser game in which split second decisions can make all the difference between a glorious victory and a crushing defeat. However, not all wars are won on the battlefield, and your strategy for building a prosperous castle is just as important as your strategy for winning epic PvP battles. As lord of your castle, it falls on you to construct mighty buildings, recruit powerful soldiers, and ensure your walls are strong enough to withstand the onslaught of the bloodthirsty enemies who lay siege on your defenses.

Do you have what it takes to become a Legend of Honor?

Legends of Honor


Legends of Honor’s combination of quick-fire, tactical combat, strategic building, and unit management ensures players must plan wisely and attack quickly, or else see their castle turn to dust. The expansive medieval world map of Legends of Honor allows for natural movement and in-depth battle planning, with your soldiers receiving attack bonuses and defense penalties depending on the terrain. Heroes can hide in forests to ambush enemies, or climb hills to survey the surrounding lands from above and watch out for enemies approaching. But in this browser game, you needn‘t ever fight alone. Pledge your allegiance to one of the three noble factions, forge powerful alliances with players from around the world, and use your combined strength to triumph in deadly PvP battles that define this medieval landscape.


An MMO browser game in which fierce PvP warfare and strategic battle planning go hand in hand with empire building and alliance diplomacy, Legends of Honor delivers a fast-paced and rewarding browser game experience set in a medieval world in need of heroes.

‚‚Free-to-play MMO ‚‚

Fight alongside and against players from around the world ‚‚

Unlock heroes to lead deadly armies into different battle scenarios ‚‚

Forge powerful alliances and crush your enemies in PvP combat
Build and customize your own medieval castle
Explore the forests, hills, and grasslands of the expansive world map in search of treasures and enemies to vanquish

‚‚Take advantage of different terrain bonuses to plan strategic attacks against your enemies

‚‚Be part of a huge community of players with an active online forum

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Updated: November 26, 2021 8:08 AM

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Legends of Honor is a free-to-play building and strategy MMO browser game. Players collect resources, constantly upgrade their fortresses, and expand their rule in a medieval setting. The game’s key components include fighting for the honor of your own faction and exploring the interactive world map, where your heroes are able to move about freely, fight in tactical battles, and search for treasure.


Players start by building a settlement and then gradually developing it into their own medieval city protected by their castle. To do this, they construct buildings, produce resources, expand city borders, collect taxes, and make sure that their citizens stay happy. Players are rewarded for completing tasks with further resources and experience points, which in turn unlocks new buildings and units. After the tutorial, the players join one of three factions whose honor they will fight for over the course of the game in order to rise in the rankings and unlock new content. Players can choose from the Order of the Golden Claw, the Knights of Ash and Shadow, and the Warriors of the Wild Lands. Players in a faction can form alliances in order to face their opponents together.

The principal component of Legends of Honor is the chance to battle against other real players. To do this, players recruit a multitude of different military units equipped with various attack, defense, and hit points. By employing boosters for the respective unit classes - infantry, cavalry, and ranged - players can become even stronger in battle. The smithy and the armory enable castle lords to improve the value of their soldiers. Before going into battle, players assign a hero to their army. With this hero, players can explore the huge, interactive world map where they will encounter other players’ heroes and castles, as well as NPC marauders. Over the course of the game, heroes gain strength by acquiring equipment items, attributes, and experience points from battles against other players. Players can also give their heroes a customized appearance and name.

The right battle tactic is crucial for achieving victory and collecting honor for their faction. The numerous unit types possess their own attributes and advantages on various terrains - forest, hills, and plains. Players must therefore plan their attacks carefully but also always be ready to react to the enemy at a moment’s notice. Constructing walls, towers, and moats helps players defend their own fortress. Victories are rewarded with loot in the form of coins, resources, honor, and experience points for the heroes.

Besides battles, trade and diplomacy are important tools for expanding influence in the game world. Players in alliances can join forces against their opponents. For example, members of an alliance can send goods to each other and plan group attack strategies. Each alliance also has its own chat.

Legends of Honor is regularly expanded with updates and new content to keep things new and fun for players for the long term. These updates will include new kinds of buildings, heroes, military units, boosters, quests, events, and other features.

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