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Lode Runner Retro

Steal the gold, avoid the cops, climb up ladders, climb down ladders, shimmy ur way across ropes, and most importantly, dig holes. Dig those holes to escape in. Dig those holes to trap the cops in. This is a very retro game from the classic 80's. Each level will present it's own challenges.

The key to this game is being able to trap the cops in holes you dig. Like any cop in the real world, they will happily run into a hole while chasing someone. This is your chance to replicate reality in a retro game ;)

For those of you who played the orginal Lode Runner game, you will be pleasantly surprised to see how well this remake captures the essense of the original.

Good luck, happy digging, happy gold stealing, and have fun.

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Updated: October 9, 2014 6:06 AM

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Right-click game to play full-screen (if available)

Press any key to start the game.

LEFT/RIGHT Select Level
SPACE Start/Dig
Z/X Dig Left/Right
R Retry Level
P Pause
M Music On/Off

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