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Midnight Miner

You dream of nothing else but striking it rich. Robbing a bank never worked out well for u. So mining seems like an easy way to make a bazillion bucks with little effort. After robbing a few banks to bankroll your new biz enterprize, you set up a drilling rig in the middle for the Frook Valley - a desolate place where no humans dare go... except for u.

Your objective in this skill-upgrade game is to use ur super charged drilling machine to enter the earth and to collect rocks and gems. Once u do this, u can upgrade yourself and drill even further and get even more rocks and gems!

Avoid hitting hard boulders, they will only cause u unwanted grief and destroy ur prized machine.

Good luck digging down into the earth below.

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Updated: August 5, 2015 8:32 AM

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Arrow keys.

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