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No way... it's another idle game. I know, I know, ur saying NOT ANOTHER IDLE GAME. Don't worry, it's going to suck you in to the point of implosion. Ur going to be trapped in the idle cycle and never be able to leave this game alone. It's going to be ur life for the next few days, or even few weeks.

OK, wot do u do in this speshool idle game? It's simple, u mine rocks and gems. After u do this, u can craft better tools which in turn will help u mine better and so on.

As with all games like this, u had better upgrade carefully, so that ur mining and tool making improves. Aim to mine better quality rocks in time, which allows u to upgrade urself much more and so on. It's an endless loop of achieving... nothing, but what better nothing could you aim for? ]

Good luck idling ur time away

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Updated: April 7, 2015 6:50 AM

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